TVA / VAT - French Value Added Tax

As a French company Sea Design sarl all purchases made from us are subject to French TVA / VAT (Value Added Tax). This is at present (August 2017) set at 20%.

French TVA (VAT) at  20% is applicable for :

- all French clients if the delivery is to a French address/French port if the EU client is non-commercial (e.g. a private yacht or person) without a valid EU VAT Number.

French TVA (VAT) is NOT applicale for :

  • •  EU clients commercially registered with a valid European intracommunity VAT number. The Buyer must provide this VAT number If a commercial yacht, in addition to the EU VAT number, the Buyer also need to provide a copy of :
    • -  their Certificate of Registry (COR)
    • -  a recent crew list ;
    • -  a recent charter agreement
  • •  Client is registered in one of the EU Member exemption territories.
  • •  Client is registered outside the EU (e.g. Australia, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, USA

If your company or yacht is subject to no TVA / VAT the above documents must, without exception, be sent to us.